We do alot of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab tests for customers.

A reading of 30 is generally regarded as the food grade accepted standard.

The test measures the density of living organisms....matter....bacteria, viruses, the stuff we can't see on surfaces or textiles.

Folks that think they have clean hands would generally achieve a result between 100-350.  This is identifying living organisms within the test area.

I swab tested a bar in a swanky hotel not so long ago and achieved a reading of 3750 and 'gulp' thought that was alarming. 

So when I came across this ATP swab test the other day - holy cow.....

It was time to break out BSSD wipes for an immediate rescue.  This was a swab test on a chaps hand. 

This is a very very high reading in my experience.  It means the guys hand may have well just come out of a dung pile. He had actually just handled some faucet knobs in a kitchen. 

We have to date always seen at least a 70% reduction on a surface reading as soon as we apply our BioSweep Surface Defence antimicrobial.  Often times it is higher. 

Within 2 minutes of wiping his hand with a BSSD wipe the reading went from 6770 to 58.  Given more time it would come down further yet.  Compelling.

No doubt hygiene is important to most people.  And it is the stuff you can't see that is trying to do our species in.

Some biologists think the great 6th mass extinction is underway and it is the lowest forms of life trying to eradicate the highest forms of life. 

Good hygiene, washing hands, surfaces, clothes and so on- gives each of us a fighting chance.  And to really protect surfaces .....and the people touching those surfaces, I recommend BioSweep Surface Defence. 

I have treated our home with BioSweep Surface Defence and having 2 children in preschool and one in infants school we know a thing or two about bacteria and viruses.

We've treated thousands upon thousands of square metres around the country with BioSweep Surface Defence.

BSSD:  It cuts the microbes open, bleeds them, and electrocutes them.  It is working 24/7 for around 9-12 months on the surfaces we treat. 

Surfaces in your home or business, floors, toilets, tiles, carpets, walls, hvac filters- you name it and chances are we can treat it, and it's working for you 24/7 for 9-12 months.

Got any bacteria or odour concerns?  We're here when you need us most.  www.biosweep.co.uk

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