So You're Considering New Storage Space …

Whether you're expanding your space or updating a facility with industrial modern furniture, storage is key to a smooth operation. The best options -- the ones that will actually be used -- combine simple design, the best materials for the job, and practical considerations.

Check work flow

Before you order anything from an industrial furniture store, check your current work flow. What works -- and, more important, what doesn't work? If your employees aren't using the current storage correctly, look for blocks. Maybe objects are difficult to put into or remove from drawers, or storage is too far away from where the product or equipment is used.

Talk to your staff. Find out what they like and don't like about the current setup, and then work with them to figure out how the new layout can be better.

Keep it simple. The best storage system is one you and your employees use, not the system no one can figure out.


You want a system that's attractive, but you may have little choice about materials, depending upon your industry. Some materials naturally match certain needs. For example, medical offices gravitate toward tough, clean, heat-resistant stainless steel

industrial lab funriture.

Other businesses may find industrial modern furniture made of stainless steel to be too noisy, especially in offices or stores where metal often hits metal, or that it gives too cold a feel to the customer or client. In such cases, laminates provide a sturdy and attractive alternative to stainless steel.

Beware of using laminates in areas where high heat may be a problem, and understand that certain chemicals may react poorly with both laminates and stainless steel

industrial lab funriture

But if you work in an industry where you have a wider choice of materials, remember -- people won't always use equipment for its intended use. Be sure you plan for that enthusiastic employee who jumps up to sit on a cupboard or counter to explain his new theory.

Consider the future

Do you envison using new methods or garnering more clients in the future? If so, you'll want storage and counter space that can be reconfigured to meet emerging needs. Look at C-frame construction, which allows storage space to be suspended under a counter. Not all C-frame construction is created equal, however, so be sure the construction will be sturdy enough for expected -- and unexpected -- weight placed on the countertop.

If you don't foresee major changes in the way you will use the space, you may want to opt for a traditional on-the-floor system that's bolted into place.

If cleanliness is important in your industry, you may find the off-the-floor system makes it easier for your janitors or cleaning professionals to do their job.

It's all in the details

Once you've planned the space and decided whether your system will be on or off the floor, choose a good industrial furniture store and start looking at details: How deep will your drawers need to be? Will you need special cabinetry for equipment that won't fit in standard-size compartments?

Check the construction basics, too. Cheap, shoddy work can end up costing more in the long run than cabinetry and countertops that are more expensive but crafted with more care and better materials.

With planning and thought, your new or updated facility can have a great storage system that will serve you well for years to come.

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