I'm no longer a human being. Are You?

In the plant kingdom, you have a choice – grow or die. You simply cannot remain stagnant or you'll wither and die. And the same is true for self-employed humans for they also need to continue to grow.

They need to be forward thinking and be constantly expanding their thinking and awareness to become better in every way in order to grow...

... personally, professionally and commercially.

For if they remain where they are, by simply “being” or existing without wanting to grow or develop, then their competitors will grow instead, and their own business could wither and die.

The ability to look for and interpret the "signs" are all parts of recognising you are in this stage of your marketing evolutionary process.

You may also be able to identify certain Key Performance Indicators to help you accept your position and to recognise the current trends and WHAT your corrective actions need to be. After all, you didn’t just wake up to discover you had no leads and no sales – did you?

There had been many warning signs for days, weeks, even months before today alerting you to the fact that you needed to do something about your marketing. Were you aware of them or did you choose to ignore them?

You need to recognise and become aware of which indicators are showing an INCREASE, for example - cost of sales, cost of leads, stress levels, credit card bill or bank overdraft - all indicators that can help raise your awareness of your true marketing position and to help to awaken you of your true position or situation.

You also need to recognise and become aware of which indicators are showing a DECLINE, for example - Sales, Turnover, Market Share, Profit, Share Price, Margin%, Response to advertising, blogs and emails are all indicators that can also help raise your awareness of your true marketing position and help to awaken you to the fact that you need to change your approach, as it’s not working.

By becoming better at reading the signs or indicators, it helps to increase your awareness, and recognise its time to come out of your slumber and modus operandi of following the crowd. It's time to fire up new levels of desire, and enthusiasm and to set new objectives, by deciding not just WHAT you want, but also what you can give and offer your target audience.

Unfortunately, when most people want or need more business, they are in a state of need, and when we are in a state of need we can only focus our attention on one person – ourselves. Worse still, we can even come across as needy, desperate and “broke” and this is demonstrated in our voice, our hand shake, the way we dress, the way we speak and the way we write - we often come across as though we've already given up.

It gets worse for many self-employed people for their focus is not on the prospective client and how they can help them, their attention is focussed entirely on themselves and their problems, instead of becoming more client focussed and providing solutions of value. This is what the majority of your competitors are doing, so don’t make the same mistake.

I’ll prove it - Next time you’re at a networking meeting, just listen as to how different people answer the question “what do you do?”, and the longer they take to answer the question, the more you’ll become aware of them talking about who they are, what they know, what they have and what they do- NOT what the client is going to get. This becomes very apparent, for in the majority of marketing communications, companies tend to focus their attention on themselves – not the client.

Again, I’ll prove it to you. Go and grab a “Yellow pages” directory. Open it up randomly to any page, and count the adverts which have the name of the business in the headline of the ad. Go on, do it now. See my point? They’re all doing a “me. me. me.” If you’ve just done that exercise, I know how you’re feeling – I can hear the KERCHING moment and the AHA moment you’ve just had. You need to change your focus from a “me, me, me” to a “them, them, them.”

Don’t follow in the foot steps of your competitors being selfish and focussing on yourself, and seeing what you can get.Start becoming selfless, and identify what you can give by way of solutions to problems, and identify who needs your help.

Don't remain stagnant doing what you've always done, start making subtle changes so you can develop your marketing and grow your business. Many people can take years to recognise that they need to become aware of their true situation, and need to change their perception of marketing and how they go about it.

Our FREE “Situation Analysis" can help initiate this part of the process, and can save months, even years of effort and thousands of pounds of missed revenue opportunities. You do however need a change of focus. When dealing with prospects and clients, it's not about what you can get, it's about what you can give.

For remember, your prospects are in exactly the same boat, they’re tuned into only one radio station – WIIFM. (What’s in it for me). So what are the indicators and KPIs you should be monitoring? What is the next marketing objective you want to achieve?

What is the real value that you offer your target audience and what will they become having engaged with you?

Hope that gets you thinking...

Fraser -

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