DVLA Alerts It’s Customers to Stay Protected from Email Scams

Finding a huge junk of fake emails sharing the details of some lottery won by you, or a website offering you some free points has been a matter that irritates and bother us a lot. These emails are generally shared by the fraudsters who aim to lure the user with some exciting deals. Believing such emails never benefits the consumer but always the fraudsters who successfully cheats the user for a huge amount.

With these fraudsters targeting a new customer every time, the latest on their list are the users of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) who have been an easy target over the past few years. To know about how these fraudsters find their best target and how to be safe from being the one, contact DVLA technical support number.

The agency has been sharing continued communication regarding the latest scams that have badly hit a number of drivers in the UK, and how to be safe. But, a lot of young drivers still fall into this trap. Understand the best ways to keep yourself secure. Contact customer service contact number for DVLA 0870 025 0121.

The latest practice that has been in trend by the fraudsters is their attempt to gain an easy access to the user’s personal details. This is done by an official looking and branded email redirecting the user to an online link. Once they succeed in attaining the user’s required details such as bank account, name, address, date of birth and driving licence number, they can easily carry out an identity theft. The information can also be used to get complete access to one’s bank accounts and also take loans when required. To understand how this works, contact DVLA customer support number 0870 025 0121.

While warning its users, the DVLA said that, “We don’t send e-mails with links to websites asking you to confirm your driving licence number or payment information. We strongly advise anyone who receives one of these or any similar e-mail not to open the link, and delete the email.” Adding further, “The government - led by Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service - will continue to investigate reports of organisations which may be actively misleading users about their services or acting illegally, taking swift action when necessary.”

To be secure, the DVLA has advised its users that, “By using the online driving licence or vehicle tax services on GOV.UK, you can be sure that you are dealing directly with DVLA - and you will not be charged any additional fees.” It suggest them to always start at www.gov.uk rather than via a search engine where less honest sites might appear in the sponsored links or paid for section.” 

In case you have been a constant receiver of such emails and are seeking advice to stay same, contact DVLA UK customer support number 0870 025 0121.

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