Data is created every day. All of this data needs to be stored somewhere. Storage requirements are increasing day by day. Storing data locally on systems without backup is illogical as it has become unsafe and consumes lot of storage space. Now-a-days, storing data in cloud is becoming popular.

What is cloud storage?

A model of storing data in which digital data is stored in logical pools is called cloud storage. Cloud storage provides data maintaining, managing and remote backup services. Data can be required any time for personal or professional use. Accessing data any time any where using any device is possible because  of cloud storage.

Advantages of cloud storage

Cloud storage has many advantages. As the cloud computing is growing the need for cloud storage is also increasing. Here are few benefits of cloud storage.


Data can be stored remotely using cloud storage. This helps in saving lots of storage space. Cloud does not exist physically. Therefore, it does not take up valuable space at either home or at office.


In traditional forms of digital data storage, data is stored in compact disks or hard drive. It might not be possible to access the data as and when required. Data stored in cloud is easily accessible and can be accessed from any part of the world. This helps is increasing the efficiency of the work or any business operation. In long run, cloud storage helps reduce the cost of operation.

Backup and recovery

Cloud storage means storing data online. This serves as a backup. In an event of data loss or damage, the data can be restored in no time without any hustle. 


Cloud storage not only allows one to store data but also helps to share them. One can transfer large files that are stored in the cloud to their contacts. Online file transfer services use the cloud storage technology. Data can be stored in for a limited period of time. This data can b either transferred through email or through a link.

Types of cloud storage

Personal cloud storage: This is a type of cloud storage that is widely used in daily life.  Smartphone whether android or IOS, are synced online. This helps in storing data online which also acts as backup. If the device is lost the data can be retrieved from the cloud into the new device.

Public cloud storage: The data is stored in publically available cloud that is either rented or subscribed.

Private cloud storage: It is a secure storage with restricted access to the data.

Hybrid cloud storage: Hybrid cloud storage is the cloud storage that has features of both private and public cloud storage. 

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