Magnets are naturally occurring materials that have the ability to attract or repel materials possessing ferromagnetic properties like nickel or iron. Apart from the naturally-occurring ones, it is also possible to magnetise iron artificially. Today, millions of magnets are produced every day and used in various ways including in computers, televisions, refrigerators etc. The huge numbers of magnet suppliers in UK have further facilitated the wide-spread use of magnets and magnetic products like badges, fridge magnets, etc. Here, let us take a look at some of the day-to-day uses of magnets:

Compass – A magnet possesses a special property that it always faces magnetic north. Due to this, it is used to make compasses. You can also develop a simple compass at home by magnetising a straight pin. Once the pin develops magnetic properties, it will always point towards the north.

Finding Studs – During house renovation, a magnet can be used to easily locate studs, nails and screws in the wall instead of an electronic stud finder. You simply need to drag the magnet over the wall and the studs will stick to it.

Fridge pins – Magnets are already used in the manufacture of fridge magnets. However, you can also use an old badge or a magnet to stick notes and memos onto the fridge.

Magnetic Walls – Recently, it has become a trend to have an entire wall magnetised. To do this, iron dust particles are mixed with the primer and then the wall is painted with it. This converts the complete wall into a board where you can stick notes, photos, timetables, etc. using small magnets.

Cleaning Metal Dust – Magnets can also be used to clean and segregate metallic dust and waste. In a workshop, if metal shavings fall off a machine, they can be easily collected using a magnet. Similarly, running a magnet over the waste bin will attract metallic waste, helping in its segregation.

Prevent Freezing – During the winter season, if you place a flat magnet over the keyhole of your car, it will prevent the keyhole from freezing by keeping away the frost.

Prevent Corrosion – The interiors of water heaters are often corroded by the metal contained in the water. You can prevent this corrosion by simply placing a magnet inside it. The magnet will catch the metal particles before they can reach the surface of the heater and prevent corrosion.

Easy Opening of Tool Box – Magnets are used to easily open and close a toolbox. The use of magnets ensures that the toolbox shuts properly without leaving any air gap and can be opened easily too.

Iron Check – One weird way in which magnets are used is to check the iron content in cereal. To check this, simply grind the cereal in a blender and run the magnet over the dust. The black iron fuzz in the cereal will stick to it.

Magnets are used in almost every aspect of daily life. If you look around you, you will surely find magnets in many objects in your surroundings.

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