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Aim for the most obvious trade

The retail traders like to trade in most of the time and the hardest trades in Forex. You may think why they want to trade in harder trade when there are much easier trades open for traders. It is because everybody is here to make money and they cannot believe following the obvious trade can lead to success. This is where these common traders make mistakes and they run for eternity after the Golden Goose of Forex. In this article, we are going to tell you why you should aim for the most…


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Pourquoi vous ne devriez pas analyser trop d'informations

Le marché de Forex est très important et vous devez savoir comment tirer le meilleur profit de votre trading. Les traders de ce marché sont toujours en guerre avec la tendance du marché et les informations financières. Comme ce marché est interconnecté avec des pays du monde entier, vous devez avoir de bonnes connaissances dans l'industrie du  Forex pour faire régulièrementun profit. Dans ce contexte, nous aimerions discuter dans notre article les problèmes que vous pourriez avoir si vous…


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Technicalities behind Wide Format Scanners

Is your office cluttered with files that need to be digitally archived? Then consider purchasing a large format scanner. The latest models of these types of scanners work remarkably faster than flat bed scanners. And if you have already considered buying a wide format scanner but do not understand the technicalities, here is some information about scanner technology to aid your search. (Information credit: ByColortrac)

  • CCD based…

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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Black Watchstrap

The basic functionality of a watchstrap is to hold the watch together. Watchstraps are also called by other names like watch bracelets or watch bands. Besides the utilitarian function, straps also serve an aesthetic purpose. A perfect watchstrap silently speaks volumes about a person’s taste, style, and sense of fashion. Nowadays, black leather watch straps are becoming very popular among both men and women.…


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Full Porcelain Crowns: All You Need To Know

If you are looking for the most beautiful crown for your tooth, there can be hardly any other crowns as suitable as ceramic or porcelain crowns. Pure porcelain helps in achieving the translucent look similar to a real tooth. Porcelain crowns can look like natural ones if the whole procedure of preparing the crown and implanting them is done by experts. If you get full porcelain crowns from the right dental clinic, your tooth or teeth will look so natural that it keeps everyone…


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Top three common mistakes in forex trading

Trading the financial instrument is very much popular among the new generations. Most of us consider trading as an easy task and for this very reason, we don’t give ourselves enough time to educate. As a result, when we place trades in the real market you lose a huge amount of money. If you do some online research then you will find a shocking truth about this industry. Though the active participant in the forex trading community is extremely high only 5 percent of the traders are making a…


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How to trade the lower time frame like the expert traders

Trading is very much popular nowadays. Most of the novice traders in the online trading world consider trading as their full-time profession as it offers an extreme level of profit potential. Every single day more than 4 trillion USD is traded in the foreign exchange market and the high volatility of this market is extremely favorable for the expert traders to make some decent profit. But in order to make consistent profit in the forex market you need to have a strong knowledge and in the…


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The perfect path to becoming a successful trader

There are many ways mastering the art of forex trading. But if you don’t follow the right path then chances are very high that you will lose a huge amount of money in the trading world. The expert in the United Kingdom always trades the market with solid trading strategy. They simply execute their orders in the market with the reputed brokers like Saxo since they offer an excellent trading environment to their clients. If you are new in forex trading then should first learn the basic of the…


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Curious Case of Oil after US War Craft Strike in Syria

While the global market experts were making fearful predictions of another Gulf crisis due to the prolonged Syrian unrest, situations worsened when US warships fired missiles at a Syrian airbase. The results were what any market trader would expect, oil prices skyrocketed instantly. No sooner did the US missiles hit the Syrian government airbase, oil trades touched the highest peak of the month. (Information Credit: easyMarkets)



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Stop looking for a perfect trade in Forex

The most obvious mistake that the newbie traders make in the market when they enter the Forex trading is looking for a perfect trade to place their money on. But in reality, there are no such things as perfect trade in Forex. When you are a trader in the Forex market, it is very easy to get deviated from your trading strategy and looking for a perfect match that will give you the best and expected movement. There is hundreds of strategy in Forex, thousands of Forex websites dedicated to…


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Find the Right Binary Options Broker- Top 3 Factors to be Considered

In binary options trading, getting the right options broker is an essential factor. Brokers are considered as the bridge between the traders and the investment market, because they connect your investment with the market. So you have to choose the right broker for your options trading. Always remember a perfect trading strategy and the right broker can change your luck in trading.

There are a number of options brokers who boast that they offer the best services to their clients. But…


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How to Reduce your Risk Percentage by Using Price Action

Every single day the number of novice traders is increasing at an exponential rate in the forex market. Previously trading the live assets was not so much popular among the retail traders as the required forex margin for trading the live assets was extremely high. But now a day’s most of the brokers are now providing a high-leverage trading account to the retail traders which have created a unique opportunity for the…


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Four Subdivisions of Exotic Options

Trading in the forex market will get you acquainted with a lot of terms. “Options” is one of them. There are various kinds of options which are present in the foreign exchange trade. A few of those varieties are as follows: American, European, Exchange Traded, Over the Counter, Employee Stock, Cash Settled, Option Type by Expiration and Option Type by Underlying Security. And depending on whether you’re buying or selling the shares, the options would be called as “put” or “call” options. In…


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Technical Analysis: Introducing Technical Indicators

Technical indicators and oscillators are very important tools that help a trader in framing trading strategies. They help the traders to identify the tradable entry and the exit points. In this article, leading and lagging indicators are discussed, to give new traders an insight into the profitable world of technical indicators.

A technical indicator is a series of points that are mathematically calculated using historical prices, volumes and open interests about the asset. The points…


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Cloud Storage: A Complete Guide

Data is created every day. All of this data needs to be stored somewhere. Storage requirements are increasing day by day. Storing data locally on systems without backup is illogical as it has become unsafe and consumes lot of storage space. Now-a-days, storing data in cloud is becoming popular.

What is cloud storage?

A model of storing data in which digital data is stored in logical pools is called cloud storage. Cloud storage provides data maintaining, managing and…


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So You're Considering New Storage Space …

Whether you're expanding your space or updating a facility with industrial modern furniture, storage is key to a smooth operation. The best options -- the ones that will actually be used -- combine simple design, the best materials for the job, and practical considerations.

Check work flow

Before you order anything from an industrial furniture store, check your current work flow. What works -- and,…


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Affiliate Marketing: Three Tips

The field of online marketing is ever expanding. Earlier, it was paying the websites to post an advertisement for a brand (remember the age when Yahoo was the ruling search engine). Then that age passed when Google came into the picture and started the trend of “Pay per click” marketing. The latter strategy implied that one would be able to advertise their ware for free on the market using auctioned keywords, after which they would be required to pay Google once the ads had received clicks…


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Utility of a Demo Account in Forex Trade

Most online foreign exchange and futures trading platforms assist the newbie trader become aware of the ways of the market by supplying them with demo accounts in an effort to help them learn the basics of the trading game. These trading accounts are extremely useful indeed, for without them, a trader could be lost at sea in the jungle of capital markets. In several ways, these demo accounts work as a security valve against potential initial losses, and likewise arm a trader with the…


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Automated Trading and What Traders Have to Gain

Automated trading has a host of advantages. It not only helps the traders make profits by ‘proxy’ trading, but it also helps them to pick up on new strategies and signals and integrate them together into a big plan for the future. Nowadays, people run multiple accounts for the purpose of trading in forex, and thus they’re seeking to accumulate more within a limited period of time. Thus, interest in automated trading is on the rise. There are numerous benefits to be had out of the prospect of…


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Men’s socks – a great gift idea all wrapped up

They say that it’s better to give than to receive.  Perhaps that sometimes depends on the gift, but there’s always joy to be found in giving something that’s of exceptional quality, a little out of the ordinary and, better still, likely to become an everyday favourite for the recipient.

A gift of fine, bespoke men’s socks from certainly fits this definition.  With a wide…


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