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10 Quick Questions about your Linkedin Profile...?


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Thought for the day...

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Spiritual Development: 20 Ways to achieve spiritual Growth

In this wise and enlightening book, internationally renowned psychic, coach and author Elsabe

Smit breaks down many of the key concepts of spiritual development into short, highly accessible

articles, and presents the reader with ways in which they can achieve spiritual growth.

Inspired by a lifetime of facing life’s sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges, including the

drug and…


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FREE on Amazon - 21 & 22 August

It's time to reclaim the leads, sales & revenue that's rightfully yours.

Download today, before your competitors do.


USA: …


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FREE today, 19th August 2015 on Amazon

In exchange for a review, please download a FREE copy from any of the destination urls below:


UK -



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Free on Amazon 2nd & 3rd August


FREE on Amazon Today 2nd & 3rd August

Practical Business Coaching for the self-employed

In the USA?:-…


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Free on Amazon Today 26 & 27 July


FREE on Amazon Today 26th & 27th July

How to deal with what life & business throws at you

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In the USA?:-…


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Givers Gain...


Many individuals on Linkedin lurk and watch what others do. They monitor their contributions in groups. They watch their status updates, and they even read their blog posts on Linkedin’s pulse.

Many monitor the activities of their competitors on the wider internet using tools like or…


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free kindle book July 14 2015 - Social Media Daily Planner

Yay, #1 in 2 categories on Amazon.  Get your FREE Copy today, July 14

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Recommendation from Avantis Wealth

I just received this on my LinkedIn Profile...

What's the next goal or objective that you'd like to achieve?

Get in touch.



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FREE on Amazon today - 22 June, 2015


An alternative & fascinating journey into self-employment.

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Free Marketing Book on Amazon today 26 May

FREE on Amazon Today 26th May, 2015

Why your marketing isnt working & what to do about it

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Free on Amazon today - Mon 13 April

 FREE on Amazon Today Mon 13th April

Frustrated by a lack of fans, friends or followers?

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FREE on Amazon TODAY - 2nd April

FREE on Amazon - The 3 Minute Marketing Brainstorm TODAY

Currently #15 in Direct > Marketing

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Social Media Marketing: Stop learning HOW to do it...

...and start learning two vital steps first - HERE.

Hope that gets you thinking (and doing.)


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Every second counts...

Now, what's the next goal or objective that you want to achieve....?

...and how will you spend your time on the site working towards it?

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Is failing good practice...?

I have failed many times throughout my career. In fact, I estimate I've made 192,000 bad commercial decisions in the last 10 years alone. It's true. I reckon I make 100 decisions a day - Will I blog? Will I advertise? Will I call a prospect? etc. etc. That's 500 decisions in a week, 2000 decisions in a month - 24,000 decisions in a year, and over the last 10 years, I reckon 80% of them (192,000) have been bad commercial decisions.…


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How to get paid quicker and reduce your stress levels

The hardest part of any business is getting the money in. If you're struggling to improve cash flow, chase debts or simply run a tighter ship from a debt collection and credit management perspective, then the following wee checklist may just be able to help.

Scroll down to page 2. Ask yourself the list of questions, making a note of each of your NO responses, then add up your score. And if you're interested in a no win. no fee credit management & control solution, then click the…


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Complimentary copy of my Social media marketing book on Amazon March 14 - 16

FREE Book on Amazon Sat 14 - 16 March, 2015

At last, a practical guide to social media marketing

Outside UK?:-

In the UK?:-…


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How do you ask to be held accountable on your first meeting?

A wee blog about accoutnabilities and KPIS on LinkedIn...

It's here:



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