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What to look for in a Local SEO agency

Prior to digitalization, local traders and small businessmen could rely on newspaper ads, billboards and even word of mouth for the expansion of their business. But with increased reliance on digital marketing in today’s world, small businesses can sometimes fall under the radar and struggle to compete with their competitors. There is a growing need for a good SEO agency under present market conditions, especially in vast and dynamic markets. The strategic marketing method which Search…


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SEO - An example SEO Readiness Report. Improve your SEO rankings - fast.

Here's a wee service we offer at Grow Your Business Club to those who want it.  It's a detailed analysis of one's website to help identify why you may not be ranking for a particular keyword or phrase.  The report below is a sample report similar to that which we generate for clients, and members who want to improve their SEO rankings.

The report below is the result of running it for a brand new website, where the SEO work has not yet commenced. (in the meantime, I got some…


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Wordpress

When utilizing Wordpress as your company's website framework it is important to choose the best plugins for internet marketing performance. SEO and WordPress work very well together. Why? It's simple WordPress has the ability to make SEO very easy to understand and implement. 

First, you want to install the very best plug in for on page optimization to your WordPress site. On page optimization allows you to effectively market your content. The Plug in I recommend is the…


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"Grow Your Business" - testing. testing. testing.


We've been doing some testing and experimenting with keywords and SEO and are beginning to make headway on some of the search engines overtaking Action Coach, Sage, and a couple of other organisations that were using the keywords in their marketing.

Now its early days, and you can bet that the human, technical and financial resources we've allocated to this wee project, are a fraction of what other companies are investing to get on page 1, (afterall, I am Scottish.)…


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Driving Traffic to your Website Quickly

Writing fresh content over time that search engines will index and point long tailed key phrases to you will happen when you employ this strategy.  However, how can you spread the word quickly about your product, service, or brand...organically?

The answer is: Video SEO.

When planning your internet marketing campaigns, it is absolutely critical that you give time and attention to video marketing.  Youtube is the second popular search engine after Google, and there is a lot that…


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