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Based in Reading, Berkshire UK with my franchise covering the South East of England for Sandler Training. Track record of 100% growth+ results with my clients' sales individually and with company performance.

Selling since I was 15, I've failed a lot, made a couple of good decisions and many bad ones and learned a lot. Constant study means I get through about 200 business and psychology books a year and apply what I learn. This has resulted in lots of scar tissue but I'm very happy and mentally stimulated.

Married, 3 daughters, in or heading too fast towards teen years so slightly harrowed expression may be a byproduct of that.

I love understanding why we do things, why we don't do what we know would be good for us, and why we self-sabotage. I spend most of my working life helping my clients stay out of their own way. Sales are a byproduct of doing the right behaviour well, consistently, over time and meaning it.

I teach the right behaviour and hold you accountable for meeting the commitments and promises you have made to yourself and others because doing it on your own is a lonely, isolating and tough place to live. Isn't it?

My work is very rewarding. I love what I do, I teach it to my children so they can get by in life better than I have blundered along.

My clients routinely grow by 100%, 300%, 500%, 1200% in the first year and we can sustain high growth for several years.

I do yoga daily, tai chi (just learning) and play golf regularly, rather over-ambitiously and not with much finesse.

Call me if you fancy a catch up, you have questions about sales, selling, recruiting salespeople, managing sales people, recruiting managers, forecasting problems, prospecting problems, cashflow problems, closing problems, wrong hires and managing performance. 07515 937221 MCAUCHI@SANDLER.COM
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High Growth
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CEO, MD, Owner, Investor, Self-Directed Salespeople in the South East of England (RG, GU, SL, SO, PO postcodes in particular)
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We help business owners who are also responsible for selling to eliminate the frustration and uncertainty of selling.
Typically they invite us in because they aren't meeting enough qualified decision makers; others are frustrated they aren't closing; a few are worried that they're having to discount and over-service to win and keep the business they do have, which hurts profits and eats into their family life.
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sales training, sales management training, organisational health, predictive recruitment, behavioural profiling, psychometric profiling, selling systems, management systems, account management systems, clarity, purpose

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Marcus Cauchi's Blog

Why You are Barking Mad and Have Next to No Free Will (and neither do your prospects)

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 16:32 0 Comments

I've launched a series of video sales tips (every Tuesday  1400 UK time) on buyer-seller psychology and the psychology of money. It's aimed at salespeople and their managers, bag carrying business owners and senior executives who carry the P&L and depend on their salespeople to hit their targets.

Episode 1:

Keep One Eye Over Your Shoulder on the Way to the Bank

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 12:24 0 Comments


In Transactional Analysis (TA) you have 3 main ego states.

The Parent (P) - judges, sets rules, disciplining, sets boundaries and gives permission

The Adult (A) - this is a filter that looks for evidence, and uses reason, language and logic

The Child (C) - is the seat of emotion & feleings, and our visual imagination comes from the child ego state

Why is it important to…


You Can't Lose What You Never Had

Posted on February 4, 2013 at 7:37 0 Comments

I slaughter golf. It's a travesty. And I know something which is helping me move my game from diabolical to just abysmal.

If I find that I am talking to myself as I swing the club, I can pretty much guarantee a badly hooked or sliced shot that could easily kill one of my fellow golfers competing against the c(o)urse. My inner voice tells me of past shots gone horribly wrong; it tells me to avoid the bunker, ditch or pond, yet my attention is magnetically drawn to that very obstacle;…


Lessons from the London Cloud Expo on Monday

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 15:52 0 Comments

4 and a half hours at the Expo and still no one had so much as asked me 1 question about me, my motives for being there or my business.

I am willing to admit I probably look like a non-buyer so maybe they were shrewd enough to disqualify me on sight.

But wait! I was never alone or not involved in a conversation for the entire time I was there. I gathered loads of information and learned shedloads without paying a penny for the insights or advice.

As I spoke to Owners and…


Comment Wall (3 comments)

At 17:28 on January 21, 2013, Fraser Hay said…

Welcome aboard Marcus.

Adopt a GIVERS GAIN attitude.

Participate, Engage & Grow.

Oh and view the QUICK START GUIDE if you need help.

Have you seen this -

If not, Do WATCH It right here. right now. (turn up your volume.) ;)

...and if you have - "like" it and retweet it

...start engaging the community by contributing to their discussions and demonstrating what you DO best

in the forum, on your blog, in the groups and clubs.

Its a TEAM effort.

Afterall Together, Everyone Achieves More.

Let's Make 2013 a great year for you, me and ALL the members...




At 12:59 on April 30, 2013, Allan Simpson said…

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the friend invitation!  Accepted!


At 11:49 on March 3, 2014, Marcus Cauchi said…

I'd like to second Stephen's recommendations. Fine choices, particularly the video suggestions. Much appreciated!

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